Contracts Disclaimer for Real Estate Investments

Contracts Disclaimer

Different real estate projects will have agreements and annexes specifically for the buyer.

Please note that all statements and information provided within each document or otherwise made available to the buyer are subject to the terms and conditions outlined herein.

We strongly encourage the buyer to review these terms and conditions attentively and to seek clarification from the developer or sales agent or consult with professional financial and/or legal advisors if any questions arise.

It’s important to understand that the information contained in the agreement does not offer legal, tax, or financial advice.

Buyers considering investments into overseas properties should seek guidance from a professional advisor to fully understand the agreement’s contents and obligations, as well as how it fits their individual circumstances.

Buyers should also be aware of any potential tax implications, legal requirements, and restrictions they may face under the laws of their citizenship, residency, or domicile countries. Professional advice from a lawyer or other expert is recommended to ensure the transaction suits the buyer’s legal, tax, financial, and other personal considerations.

The agreement is strictly for the use of the buyer approved by the master agent or its authorised representatives and should not be copied, distributed to any third parties (other than the buyer’s advisors), or used in any part without the master agent’s permission.

Furthermore, it is the buyer’s responsibility to be informed of and comply with the legal obligations for the country in which they are buying the property from.

Details of the transaction are based on the information provided in the agreement. Any additional information or representations made by any party should not be considered authorised or endorsed by the master agent unless explicitly stated.

Investing in foreign real estate involves risks and is suitable only for buyers who can understand and accept the potential for loss. This investment is not covered by any statutory compensation schemes in your, so the buyer bears the full economic risk.

By accepting to sign on purchase agreements, the buyer agrees to these terms. Disclosure or use of information in this agreement is permissible where required by law or regulation.

The buyer acknowledges that the contents of the agreement are confidential and proprietary to the master agent. Unauthorised reproduction or disclosure of the agreement, in whole or part, without the master agent’s prior written consent, is strictly prohibited.

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